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Who Can Track My Cell Phone?

If you are wondering who can track your cell phone, the answer is - just about anybody. All they need is the available technology and the ability to install it on your phone. However sometimes they do not even need that. Sometimes they just need your phone number or the permission of the cell phone company provider to help locate you.   Anyone can do this whether they be the FBI, your wife or a hacker. In fact, secretly tracking your information is big business.  At least, this is true in the United States which has no explicit constitutional guarantee of privacy of telecommunications. However the U.K. has a constitutional guarantee called the "secrecy of correspondence" which guards the privacy of texts, phone calls and other data that is broadcast through telecommunications. In Germany the laws regarding tracking cell phones are even stricter.

So how the fact that there are no privacy laws in the United States affect you? This means that if your wife suspects you are cheating and if you are both on the same cell phone plan that he or she can call up your provider and ask that your cell phone be tracked. However, not all cell phone carriers say yes to this. They only agree if you are a family member on the same family plan.  If you are a cheater and do not want to be caught then do not enroll everyone in a family plan as often permission is granted automatically to other family members to track the GPS or radio signals on your phone. This gives someone else your location.

You should also know that there is no real way of avoiding being racked as cell phones can be tracked through mandatory EMS numbers  that enable Emergency rescuers to track people buried in avalanches or  inside collapsed buildings using a cell phone. This number or code is entirely separate from your phone number which can be tracked via GPS or signals broadcast by radio towers.

Tracking cell phones brings up sensitive issues about privacy and if you do not want to be tracked then choose a cell phone provider plan that does not make the tracking of your phone quite  that easily. Look for a provider that also makes others ask you for permission before your phone can be tracked in every way.

However law enforcement agencies decide to track your cell phones there is very little you can do about it. They can get permission to track whoever they want using a court order that is presented to the cell phone provider.