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Phones That Have GPS Child Tracking

Child tracking with a GPS in a cell phone  is a valuable feature in this day and age when there are so many threats to your child’s safety and security. Anything can happen. Your child can get abducted, get lost or fall in with a wrong crowd.  If your child has a cell phone you can track his or her whereabouts remotely online.  Furthermore many cell phone providers have plans that can put the whole family on a Google map if necessary. 

However not all mobile cell phones have GPS trackers in them. Most  newer and smart phones have the Global positioning system which is utilized by satellite which can be utilized in most environments. Almost all phones have radio signal technology which finds the cell phone through radio signals; this is called localization by signal strength.  A really high-end great cell phone will have both a camera and a radio built into it.

There are some cell phones that are a cut above when it comes to child tracking. The Verizon Migo phone has what it is called  “Chaperone Service).. The phone is designed for kids between  five and nine and has five speed dial buttons including one that is 911.  Migo  also has the GPS installed so that parents can track the phone in real time on their own phone or on their personal computer.  Yet another completely useful feature on this type of phone is one that sets up boundaries for how far a child can stray. If the kid wanders out of the designated area then the parent is sent a text message.  However you need to use a Verizon hand set with the Verizon kid phone in order for this to work.

Disney makes a similar phone. The Disney Mobile is an LG flip phone and designed for kids ten to sixteen. The phone has lots of parental controls including how many numbers the phone can dial and receive. It also has the GPS feature to help locate the child with the phone or the lost phone.

Yet another phone with this capability is called Just5. This is a phone with a GPS unit in it for children aged 2 to 7 years old. It has big bright buttons for kids to read and a big SOS button on the back so your child’s whereabouts can be tracked immediately in an emergency.

The only problem with locating children with these types of handsets is that the kid actually has to be carrying the cell phone with them for the tracking result to be effective!