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How to Track A Cell Phone?

Cell phone tracking is generally used to spy on cheating lovers, gamblers or children who may be using drugs or lost. In general, cell phone tracking is used for anyone lying to family members about what they are up to. Sometimes cell phone tracking is used by cell phone users who already know their partner is cheating but need their suspicions confirmed. They are also used by employers to help control expenses, make sure that an employee who is calling in sick is really sick and to make sure company time is not spent surfing Facebook or chatting to a potential lover online.

There at two ways that a cell phone can be tracked:

  • First of all you can track your cell phone via the GPS location. However this does not work unless the cell phone has a chip installed on it. Fortunately, most modern cell phones and almost all cell phones have this feature already installed.
  • You can also use key logging software to spy on the call logs and text messages. There are now programs available to show all call logs, SMS messages and all other types of information that can be sent from a cellphone or online.

Most cell phone tracking software programs can pinpoint the location of any cell phone that has the installed software for you on Google Maps. Key logging programs can show you how many calls are made, how long the call was and the number of the call.

Most professional cell phone tracking packages will give you both options at once. In some instances you might have to install a tracking code into the other party's phone before you can track their whereabouts.

Sometimes, if a child's welfare is involved, you can contact your cell phone provider and they will track the number for you. This also may be the case if someone has gone missing. However, you might have to make an effort to persuade the company that you are not a stalker, especially if the company feels that they might somehow be liable for damages if the person you are looking for his found. That is why it is best to invest in a cell phone tracking system that you and only you have access and control over.

You can also install a tracking code into your own phone in case you lose it. If you lose it you can then go online and find it's location using the GPS.