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How to Detect A Cell Phone Tracker

Do you suspect that someone might be using a cell phone tracker to trace your movements? If so your hunch might very well be right!  Someone who is suspicious of you or who wants to spy on you only has to swipe your cell phone for just a few minutes during which they can install a complete tracking system that includes a keylogger (that lets them read all of your emails, text messages and see all pictures and videos) and also a GPS tracker that allows them to pinpoint wherever you are on a map and track your movements.

Although cell phone trackers work secretly in the background of your phone there are some ways of detecting a tracker. For one thing you might see a huge increase in your phone bill amounts that might reflect the secret tracking device.

If your cell phone battery is consistently running out of power it may not be the result of the battery getting really old. It might be because someone has installed a cell phone tracker. These  applications use a lot of energy cloaking themselves, recording every single thing that you do and then emailing it all to the internet so your spyer or stalker can look at it.  In fact many of these tracking systems actually upload information to the internet every ten minutes. It takes a lot of battery power to make all of this work efficiently and if you are continually rebooting or having to recharge because of no power then this might be the reason why.

Another indication that there might be tracking bugs on your phone are shut down programs.  You might be trying to shut down your cell phone only to find that it just won't respond.  The same thing could occur on a cell phone that has a tracker installed on it.

You should also keep an eye on your cell phone icons. If you are noticing an increase in the amount of times your GPS icon seems to be on or if your phone seems to constantly connecting to the internet it might be because of cell phone tacking programs. Even though the uploading of your material to the internet is supposed to be secret you might notice your connection to the internet icons blinking more often than usual. This could indicate all of your secrets being revealed to a remote internet location that your someone is reviewing.