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How Does Asset and Vehicle Tracking Work?

Asset and vehicle trackers are small devices that track vehicles or valuables being transported in any vehicle via GPS tracker. This global positioning system helps anyone find their location fast. This is a useful application for anyone worried about the transportation of precious cargo of anything, wheter it be human or material in nature. This type of technology is also commonly used as an implant in vehicles so those who operate fleets of vehicles, as is the case with taxis or trucking companies, to help keep track of fleets of transport trucks or cars.

Anything can be tracked using a Global Positioning System (GPS). These communication systems have a tracking device, satellite and receiver.   The location is determined by calculations from these devices that interact to produce a longitude and a latitude.  The measurements are communicated by radio frequencies which then transmit that information to satellites that then pinpoint the moving or stationary position of any object that is attached to a GPS device.

The company or provider that is administering the monitoring can usually show where the vehicles and assets are on any type of map that is available online. Google maps is a good example.  If you have ever been on a bus or streetcar that tells you with an automatic broadcasted announcement  what the name of the next stop is, that is an example of a GPS program tracking a  fleet of vehicles (in this case owned by your local transportation company.)  Many public transportation companies also have maps that can be logged into so you can see the progress of the next bus or train as it comes your way on a Google map.

Vehicle tracking is also used to track cheating spouses as well as by the police for retrieval and theft prevention. Global positioning tracking systems have also been used extensively to solve crimes and to attempt to locate missing children and adults. It has also been used by field service and repair companies to locate cars that have broken down and are stranded on the road.

Asset Tracking monitors the location of objects for the sake of insurance or other reason. The GPS device is actually attached to the asset so that it’s position can always be monitored for movements on a map.

GPS devices were originally designed for use by the military so they are wonderfully accurate when it comes to tracking vehicles, objects and people. They are great tools for companies that must use fleets ofvehicles.