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Common Cell Phone Tracking Features

Tracking information through cell phones has become the latest way to check up on our loved ones and employees. Not all cell phone tracking packages have the same features but you will notice that many of them do have many of the following included in their offers -
Call History Logs - This feature records every call that is made on the phone. You can see who called who and from what number and at what time.

GPS Trackig - Global positioning tracking is central to most cell phone tracking services and describes the ability of a satellite to track a phone via GPS. The coordinates of where a person is can be accessed via a log-in and a look at a map. You can track somebody's movements as well as note their destination at all times.

Interception of live calls -  Also called "live microphone" this feature allows you to listen in to live calls and even interrupt them.

Read SMS messages -= Ingoing and outgoing messages can be recorded and delivered to your online account where you can read them. Even if the writer of the text deletes the message it will still be recorded and sent to your inbox
Remote Spying -  You can turn a cell phone into a remote listening device when the phone is not used. To use this tracking feature you send a special text message order through to the cell phone. The microphone is then secretly activiated giving that person the ability to listen in on the phone's surroundings. This means that if your cheating husband is visiting his mistress in a hotel room you can activate the phone when it is not in use and listen in. 

View Emails - All outgoing email messages are secretly recorded are delivered to you along with any of email addresses that are involved

View Photos and Videos - You can view picture files including videos and photos taken with the cell phone

Please remember that in order for any of the above features to work that the software must be installed physically on the targeted phone.  There is absolutely no way to remotely install software although in special cases, such as a lost child carrying a cell phone, a cell phone carrier will enable you to see a GPS online. That phone must be internet disables and you must own a computer that is connected to the internet or you will not receive the logs and regular updates.